• Need cash fast? We’re here to help! If you are an individual who has steady employment but face an unexpected expense for which you have not budgeted. Our small amount loan solution is a fast and easy process for times when you need some financial back up, such as when your car requires unexpected repairs.

    You can apply for a small amount loan  from $300 to $2000.

    Make your application online! We provide loans for a minimum of 16 days to a maximum of 150 days
    We charge an establishment fee of 20% and a monthly fee of 4% of the amount that we lend you.

  • You must be employed at least 25 hours per week or have a minimum annual income of $25 000, be at least 18 years of age and an Australian resident to apply.

    Employment may be permanent full-time or permanent part-time. Applicants who are casual employees, or employed on a short-term or seasonal basis may be required to provide additional documented evidence of sufficient income and that their current employment term is likely to be longer than the small amount loan term they are applying for. Customers relying on social security benefits to reach our minimum income requirements must provide relevant verifying documentation of this income. However, if 50% or more of your income is from social security benefits, Stress Less Money will not approve your small amount loan application.

    We are required by law to obtain and consider account statements for your nominated account for the 90 days prior to your application in order to verify your income and expenses. Provided you consent to it, your account statements will be provided to us by an organisation called Credit Sense. Alternatively, you may provide us with these account statements directly, although this may delay the assessment of your loan application.

  • Receive and confirm your Loan Offer.

    Make sure you read all Terms of Agreement in the contract along with the repayment schedule and the costs.
    Its fast and secure!

  • Check your Bank Account

    Once your Small Amount Loan has been approved. We will electronically transfer the money to your nominated bank account. The speed of this transaction is dependant on who you bank with and the time of day we complete your application.

  • Concerned about your Credit History? Stress Less! Whist we consider your credit history when assessing your application, at Stress Less Money it is more important that you can afford to borrow and have the ability to make repayments comfortably without any further financial difficulty. We will consider any application submitted to us. (Customer must not be a current Bankrupt or in a part9 debt agreement)

    Visit our FAQ page or email our team at info@stresslessmoney.com.au see our contact info here.