We offer a short term solution to your money issues. Use our Small Amount Loan Calculator to estimate the costs of the loan. Please contact our team on 1300 963 621 or at info@stresslesmoney.com.au if there is anything we can help you with.

Loan Amount (in $) (excluding any fees that you may wish to finance)

$300 $2000

Length of Loan

5 20

Frequency of Payment


Amount Borrowed $1310
Establishment Fee (20% of Amount Borrowed) $262
Total Monthly Fees (4% of Amount Borrowed each month) $157.2
Total to be repaid $ 1729.20
Monthly Repayments 3 Payments $ 576.33

Please Note: The results displayed in the above small amount loan calculator are illustrative only and are based on the information input by you. Results and are not an offer from Stress Less Money. The calculator only takes into account the stated fees, and not other fees such as late payment fees or government fees and charges