In this statement, personal information includes information about your credit history (including information about your past experiences with us and other lenders, the kinds of credit products you have had or sought, how you have managed your obligations, information contained in a credit report about you, and information about your credit worthiness that has been derived from a credit report about you).

You agree that personal information you supply to Stress Less Money Pty Limited (Stress Less Money) may be held and used by us to assess and process an application you make, to execute your instructions, for internal processes including risk management and pricing, to comply with legislative or regulatory requirements and (unless you tell us not to) to contact you to discuss any loan enquiry you make or other products that may be of interest to you. You consent to us contacting you for this purpose by telephone and email using the telephone number and email address provided in your application. You warrant that you have authority, either as or on behalf of the account holder for that telephone number and email address, to provide this consent and agree that until you withdraw your consent by providing written notice to us or using an unsubscribe facility in the message, we may continue to make calls to that number and send emails to that email address.

When you give us personal information about another person you represent that you are authorised to do so and agree to inform the person that we have collected their information and of the contents of this Privacy Statement and Consent.

We are required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act to collect information to identify you, and by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act to learn about and verify your financial situation. Without your information we may not be able to provide you with a loan.

You agree we may collect personal information about you from, and/or disclose it to, financial institutions, credit providers (including for the purpose of assessing an application you make), credit reporting bodies (CRBs), our agents and contractors, organisations for verifying your identity, your agents, law enforcement, regulatory and government bodies, our insurers or prospective insurers and their underwriters and any persons we consider necessary to execute your instructions. In particular, we may disclose to a CRB any failure by you to meet your payment obligations in relation to consumer credit and the fact that you have committed fraud or other serious credit infringement.

You also agree that we may collect personal information about you, in the form of a report about your transaction account (the details of which you provide to us) from one of our service providers, Credit Sense, for the purpose of verifying your financial position.

Further, to enable us to verify your identity, we may disclose your name, date of birth and residential address to a CRB for the purpose of obtaining an assessment of whether that personal information matches information held by the CRB. You agree to us requesting, and providing your personal information for, such an assessment.

The CRBs we use include Veda Advantage, whose privacy policy and contact details are at, Dun & Bradstreet, whose privacy policy and contact details are at, and Experian, whose privacy policy and contact details are at Those privacy policies describe how those bodies manage credit information.

CRBs may include information which we provide in reports to other credit providers to assist them to assess your creditworthiness.

From 12 March 2014, you can ask a CRB not to use or disclose credit information it holds about you for a period of 21 days (called a “ban period”) without your consent if you believe on reasonable grounds that you have been or are likely to be a victim of fraud, including identity fraud. You agree to us accessing your personal information (including consumer credit information) held with a CRB, even if there is a ban period in place, for the purposes of assessing an application for credit or in order to collect overdue payments.

From 12 March 2014, CRBs may use credit information they hold to respond to requests from us or other credit providers to “pre-screen” you for direct marketing. You can ask a CRB not to do this. However, you may still receive direct marketing from us (unless you ask us not to) that has not been “pre-screened”.

We may disclose your personal information to business partners and service providers located overseas. This will include our service providers in the Philippines.

In some cases we are a referral service only and do not directly fund any credit product. Your request will be referred to a third party lender who will contact you directly to ascertain if they can facilitate your requirements. The third party will inform you of their fees, charges and terms as relevant to your application before you would enter any contract with them. The third party may perform a credit check but will get your consent before doing so. We may receive a referral fee (amount not ascertainable) from the third party depending on the outcome of their dealings with you. It is recommended that you obtain independent legal and financial advice before taking up any products that you may be referred to and offered.

You have rights to access and seek correction of personal information we hold about you, and to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy rights, by contacting the Compliance Officer on 1300 889 688 or at

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may do these things and how we deal with complaints. Our Privacy Policy is available at